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Lutron Dimmers and Lighting Controls

Lutron MA-600 Maestro Single-Pole or Multi-Location Incandescent Dimmer, 600 Watts

  • Ariadni Toggle Dimmers & Fan-Speed Controls: AY-600P, AY-600PNL, AY-603P, AY-603PNL, AY-10P, AY-10PNL, AY-103P, AY-103PNL, AYLV-600P, AYLV-603P, AYFSQ-F, AY2-LFSQ.
  • Athena Basic Specification Series Rotary Dimmers: T-600, T-1000, T-1500, T-2000.
  • Attaché Lamp Dimmers: LC-300NLH.
  • Centurion Contemporary Specification Series Rotary Dimmers: C-600, C-1000, C-1500, C-2000, C-600P, C-603P, C-10P, C-103P.
  • Claro Wallplates and Wiring Devices: CW-1, CW-2, CW-3, CW-4, CW-5, CW-6, CA-1PSH, CA-3PSH, CA-4PSH, CAR-15H, CAR-15-GFCIH, CA-PJH, CA-CJH, CA-6PF.
  • Credenza Plug-In Lamp Dimmers: TT-300NLH.
  • Diva Preset Dimmers & Fan-Speed Controls: DV-600P, DV-603P, DV-10P, DV-103P, DVW-600PH, DVW-603PH, DVLV-600P, DVLV-603P, DVLV-10P, DVLV-103P, DVELV-300P, DVELV-303P, DVF-103P, DVFTU-5A3P, DVFSQ-F.
  • Diva Satin Color Preset Dimmers & Fan-Speed Controls: DVSC-600P, DVSC-603P, DVSC-10P, DVSC-103P, DVSCLV-600P, DVSCLV-603P, DVSCLV-10P, DVSCLV-103P, DVSCELV-300P, DVSCELV-303P, DVSCF-103P, DVSCFTU-5A3P, DVSCFSQ-F.
  • Faedra Preset Smart Dimmers: FA-600, FA-600M, FA-1000, FA-1000M, FALV-600, FALV-600M, FALV-1000, FALV-1000M, FAELV-500, FAELV-500M, FA-AD, FA-S6A, FA-S6AM, FA-AS.
  • Fassada Traditional Toggle Screwless Wallplates: FW-1, FW-2, FW-3, FW-4.
  • Grafik Eye Lighting Controls: GRX-2402, GRX-2403, GRX-2404, GRX-3102, GRX-3103, GRX-3104, GRX-3106, GRX-3502, GRX-3503, GRX-3504, GRX-3506, GRX-IT-WH, GRX-8IT-WH, GRX-CIR-WH, NGRX-PB-WH.
  • GrafikRA Dimming Controls: RA-GRX-3, RA-GRX-4, RA-GRX-6.
  • Maestro Preset Smart Dimmers: MA-600, MAW-600H, MAW-603-RH, MA-1000, MALV-600, MALV-1000, MAELV-600, MA-R.
  • Maestro Satin Color Preset Smart Dimmers: MSC-600M, MSC-1000M, MSCLV-600M, MSCLV-1000M, MSCELV-600M, MSC-AD.
  • Nova Specification Series Linear Slide Dimmers: N-600, N-1000, N-1500, N-2000, N-603P, N-1003P, N-1503P, N-2003P, NLV-600, NLV-1000, NLV-1500, NLV-603P, NLV-1003P, NLV-1503P, NLV-2003P, NELV-450, N-1PS, N-3PS, N-4PS.
  • Nova T* Thin-Profile Specification Series Linear Slide Dimmers: NT-600, NT-1000, NT-1500, NT-2000, NT-603P, NT-1003P, NT-1503P, NTLV-600, NTLV-1000, NTLV-1500, NTLV-603P, NTLV-1003P, NTLV-1503P, NTELV-300, NTELV-600, NT-1PS, NT-3PS, NT-4PS.
  • Qoto Preset Dimmers: Q-600PH, Q-603PH, QLV-600P, QLV-603P, Q-1PS, Q-3PS.
  • Satin Colors Wallplates and Wiring Devices: SC-1, SC-2, SC-3, SC-4. SC-5, SC-6, SC-1PS, SC-3PS, SC-4PS, SCR-15, SCR-15-GFCI, SCR-20-GFCI, SC-PJ, SC-CJ, SC-6PF.
  • RadioRa Radio Frequency Lighting Controls: RA-600L, RA-600LM, RA-1000L, RA-1000LM, RALV-600L, RALV-600LM, RALV-1000L, RALV-1000LM, RAELV-500L, RAELV-500LM, RA-AD, RAS-8L, RAS-8LM, RA-AS, RA-REP-WH, RA-VCTX-WH, RAMC-MFE-WH, RA-SBT-CHR, RAMC-5T, RAMC-5T-RL, RAMC-10T, RAMC-10T-RL, RAMC-15T, RAMC-15T-RL, RAMC-10C, RAMC-10C-RL, RAMC-5W, RAMC-5W-RL, RAMC-10W, RAMC-10W-RL, RAMC-15W, RAMC-15W-RL.
  • Skylark Preset Dimmers & Fan-Speed Controls: S-600P, S-600PNL, S-603P, S-603PNL, S-10P, S-10PNL, S-103P, S-103PNL, SLV-600P, SLV-603P, SELV-300P, SELV-303P, SFSQ-F, SFSQ-LF, S2-LFSQ.
  • Spacer Remote Control Dimmers: SP-600-HTH, SP-603-HTH, SP-600, SP-600M, SP-1000, SP-1000M, SPLV-600, SPLV-600M, SP-AD, SP-HT-WH.
  • Spacer System Remote Control Lighting Controls: SPS-600, SPS-600M, SPS-1000, SPS-1000M, SPSLV-600, SPSLV-600M, SPSLV-1000, SPSLV-1000M, SPSELV-600, SPSELV-600M, SPSF-6A, SPSF-6AM, SPSFTU-5A, SPS-5WC, SPS-5WCR, SPS-AD, SPS-FSIT-RP, SPS-4IT-RP, SPS-300LD-RP.

HALO Recessed Lighting
  • 4" Cans: H1499ICT, H1499RT, H1499T, H99ICT, H99RT, H99T.
  • 6"Cans: H7ICT, H7RICT, H7RT, H7T.
  • 4" Trims: 993, 1419, 1420, 1421, 1493, 1495, 1496, 1498, 1945, 1946.
  • 6" Trims: 310, 410, 170PS, 70PS, 75, 77, 78.

Panasonic Ventilation Fans

Lightolier Controls & Dimmers

Lightolier Onset-Strap Digital Preset Dimmers

  • Sunrise Preset Slide Dimmers: ZP-600, ZP-1000, ZP-600VA, ZP-1000VA, ZPR-3
  • Onset-Strap Digital Preset Dimmers: OS-600, OS-1000, OS-600VA, OS-1000VA, OS-600LV, OS-1000LV, OSR-3, OSM-4, OSMR-4, OES-1000VA.

RAB Lighting and Occupancy Sensors

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Nutone Exhaust Fans

BRK Electronics

Firex Safety Products

Halogen Light Bulbs & Lamps

35 Watt MR-16 Halogen Light Bulb Lamp, 12 Volt (10 Pack)

Intermatic Timers

Intermatic SS7C Digital 7-Day In-Wall Timer


GE 250 Watt Transformer Buck Boost, T-9T51B0107

Leviton Wiring Devices & Timers

Leviton 6124H 24 Hour LCD Programmable Decora Electronic Incandescent / Inductive Timer

Corona Landscape Lighting

Corona Underwater Lighting

Wires & Cable

8-2 Low Voltage Wire Cable, Landscape Wire (100 Feet)

Juno Under Cabinet Lighting -- Halogen & Fluorescent

FSC Fluorescent Undercabinet Lighting -- Energy Efficient

  • 12" Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light, FSC 3012
  • 21" Fluorescent UnderCabinet Light, FSC 3021
  • 24" Fluorescent Under-Cabinet Light, FSC 3024
  • 33" Fluorescent Undercabinet Light, FSC 3033
  • 42" Fluorescent Under Cabinet Light, FSC 3042

Ark Stainless Steel Light Fixtures

Ark AW1004 Stainless Steel Outdoor Light Fixture, Designer 120 Volts Lighting

  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Light Fixture, Ark AW1001
  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Light Fixture, Ark AW1002
  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Light Fixture, Ark AW1003
  • Stainless Steel Outdoor Light Fixture, Ark AW1004







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