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Screwless Wallplates and Wiring Devices

Claro Wallplates and Wiring Devices

Lutron CW-1 Claro Single-Gang Screwless Wall plate
Lutron CW-1-SS Claro STAINLESS STEEL Single-Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CW-2 Claro Two Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CW-2-SS Claro STAINLESS STEEL Two-Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CW-3 Claro Three Gang Screwless Wall plate for Multi-Application Use
Lutron CW-3-SS Claro STAINLESS STEEL Three-Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CW-4 Claro Four Gang Screwless Wallplate for Multi-Application Use
Lutron CW-4-SS Claro STAINLESS STEEL Four-Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CW-5 Claro Five Gang Screwless Wallplate for Multi-Application Use
Lutron CW-5-SS Claro STAINLESS STEEL Five-Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CW-6 Claro Six Gang Screwless Wallplate for Multi-Application Use
Lutron CW-6-SS Claro STAINLESS STEEL Six-Gang Screwless Wallplate
Lutron CA-1PSH Claro Single-Pole Switch
Lutron CA-3PSH Claro 3-Way Switch
Lutron CA-4PSH Claro 4-Way Switch
Lutron CAR-15H Claro Receptacle
Lutron CAR-15-GFTR Claro Tamper-Resistant GFCI Receptacle (formerly CAR-15-GFCIH)
Lutron CA-PJH Claro Phone Jack
Lutron CA-CJH Claro Cable TV Jack
Lutron CA-6PF Claro Six Port Frame with Matching Blanks
Lutron CON-1P-C3-WH CAT 3 Phone Connector (6 Pin)
Lutron CON-1P-C5E-WH CAT 5e Phone Connector (8 Pin)
Lutron CON-1P-C6-WH CAT 6 Phone Connector (8 Pin)
Lutron CON-1C-WH Cable Connector (F-type)
Lutron CON-1F-MTRJ-WH MTRJ Feed-through Fiber Connector
Lutron CON-1F-ST-WH SC Style Fiber Connector
Lutron CON-1F-SC-WH SC Simplex Fiber Connector
Lutron CON-1F-LC-WH LC Non-flush Mount Fiber Connector
Lutron CON-1B-WH BNC Connector
Lutron CA-1PSNL Claro Single-Pole Switch w/ Night Light
Lutron CA-3PSNL Claro 3-Way Switch w/ Night Light
Lutron CA-4PSNL Claro 4-Way Switch w/ Night Light
Lutron CAR-15-DFDU Claro Receptacle
Lutron CAR-20-DFDU Claro Receptacle
Lutron CAR-15-HFDU Claro Receptacle
Lutron CAR-20-HFDU Claro Receptacle
Lutron RP-FDU-10-WH
Lutron RP-FDU-10-BR
Lutron CON-1C







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